I’m busy…being quiet…



I’m busy.. I’m busy being quiet.
Quiet in a world that can’t stop talking.
Quiet in a world that didn’t wake up yet to see that life is a perspective and there is no right or wrong. Everyone has an opinion. When you ask people do you believe in God, their reply is just an opinion. There is no right or wrong. Most important thing is to accept other opinions. Other perspectives.

There are a lot of differences. The most important thing is to accept them and not make fun of them as if they are flaws.

I have learned that being a comedian does not mean being happy. I have learned that being silent doesn’t mean that we have nothing to say. I have learned that being a doctor doesn’t mean being healthy and being an engineer doesn’t mean having a home.

I have also discovered that no matter which road we take to run away from the slow life and the people who don’t accept differences, we will finally find ourselves trapped in their slow pace or waiting for them because we don’t want to advance without them because we love and care for them. However sometimes even if we wait for them, they don’t move forward because they prefer to stand still and wait for life to happen instead of making life happens, instead of getting up and moving forward, they’d rather stay in their comfort zone hoping and waiting for things to come. A passive life. A neutral life. A still life. And sometimes, we have to move backwards and check on them and this is when they try to push us to stay and wait with them for life to happen. And that is the worst dilemma that one has to deal with.

I have learned that no matter how hard we try to move forward and faster than others, and no matter how strong we think we are, there will always be weak moments when we break down and cry because we are pointed at as being wrong/living in another world/fools.

I am quiet but numb…

I am quiet but busy… Busy fading slowly from a loud world of rights and wrongs into the silent world of opinions kept buried deep within or written on papers, a world of geniuses considered fools, a world of appreciation of little things, a world where all people are the same regardless of their opinions, origins, race, religion, orientation, lifestyle etc.

I am quiet but busy… Busy fading slowly from this slow world and trying to enjoy the little things and collect small rays of hopes in the middle of a long darkness. Busy fading slowly and trying to convince myself that everything will be better… maybe… one day… somewhere…

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