Hitting rock bottom

Hitting rock bottom

psx_20161022_224215When you reach a place higher than the normal society- whether on the cultural, financial, emotional or career levels- adapting to the surrounding is no easy task. And it would be even worse if you hit rock bottom after a failure or a breakdown. Whether it’s due to bad luck or wrong decisions, hitting rock bottom is painful. Yes, painful but not fatal.

Hitting rock bottom can actually be a door of new opportunities. Well, this depends if you choose persistence and hope, because anything becomes possible in this case.

When life gets tough and takes you down, and when you can’t go any lower, remember that there is a rock at the bottom that caught you. A solid rock. A solid foundation for a new opportunity with options to change, to start from scratch, to start building up your life. Well of course, as long as you remain harder than the rock itself and don’t let it break you.
You have the chance to become fearless – if you aren’t already. Nothing would ever scare you: what’s the worst that could happen when you have reached the worse?

img_20160414_074452Yes, life from above is beautiful. Sceneries are incredible. Inspiration comes from the bigger picture. However, sometimes, the details can be breath-taking too. The most beautiful, expensive and tough gemstones come from the deepest part of the planet and have to go through a painful yet artistic process of cutting and polishing before becoming a beautiful exceptional piece of jewelry. They emerge from the bottom to shine on the top.

failure-quotes-1When you hit rock bottom, take some time there to meditate and think about a plan. But don’t stand still too long. Put your plan, work on it, stick to it. Do not shift your plan unless you know where you are going. Lose your fears, keep your faith. Trust me; there is no magic in getting up after the crash. You just have to do it; you either stay down there and complain or you rise up and move forward towards your planned destination with determination, strength, patience and faith. There is always a way.

When you hit rock bottom, choose your fights wisely. Stay away from meaningless battles that lead nowhere regardless whether you win or lose. Choose your enemies and friends carefully. When you hit rock bottom, true colors of the people around you are revealed. Pretentious people are only there when they need you and when you can give them what they need; but when you’re at your worst, they leave. Filter them wisely even if they have been in your life for years.

When you hit rock bottom, learn to control your emotions and feelings, your anger, frustration, sadness, happiness and excitement. Learn to think. Read, read, read and read, Read the lines, read between the lines, read the bodies, read the faces, read the emotions, read the actions. Learn to think. Learn. You can control your feelings through your thoughts. Trust me: it’s all in your mind. All up there, even the strongest emotions. And keep them to yourself: pain will not stop if you scream. However, don’t lose your compassion and your soft heart. Controlling emotions is completely different than being emotionless. Actually, learn to strengthen your compassion, your kindness and your tenderness. Humanity still needs that. Hitting rock bottom will actually teach you more about compassion and respect of others’ weaknesses. It will push you towards being grateful. Grab the opportunity to learn those lessons.

success-if-not-final-760x760When you hit rock bottom, don’t give up. Remember there are a lot of beautiful things out there. Remember that it is a chance, opportunity to observe your situation, reveal your mistakes and to rise up and carry on. Do not let the hero inside of you die. Some people say that everything happens for a reason. If you don’t believe that, create your own reasons so that everything happens the way you want them to be. Remember that life is about the survival of the fittest and the more you get hit, the stronger you should be to move on and hit back. Remember that regardless of the loneliness down there, a lot of people are at the bottom too even if you don’t see them. Remember that there are kind and decent people out there regardless of the pretentious people around. And most of all, remember to stand up because the best feeling after a downfall is a well-earned success.


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