From a humanitarian perspective, cheers for a better year….

387229_10150434128024562_1165162016_nAnother year has gone by. Decorations, carols and joyful songs, colors and crowded places are all around. The year is finally over and people are looking forward hoping for a better year. They are getting ready for the resolutions: diets, new jobs, saving money, finding love, having a child, more sleep etc.

From my side, I will sound like Uncle Scrooge or the grumpy Smurf as I have always seen the New Year’s Eve like any other day. I have never planned for resolutions starting that specific day. If I plan a resolution, it could be anytime and I work on it.

However, this year, at this time, I really feel drained, exhausted and looking forward for a ray of hope for the end of the struggles; maybe people are right to choose the 1st of January as a new start with new dreams, hopes and more strength to move forward. By the end of 2016, I lost my energy and I am trying to get back my power to keep going as the last thing that I would do is to give up. I am usually a very positive person and I did well previously in motivating people around. But I know that I don’t do well when it comes to myself; I don’t do well with expressing my emotions and I know very well that even if I have been suffering, I will always be the shoulder for others to cry on, keeping all my feelings to myself because I constantly ask this question: do people actually care when you talk about your pain? I know I am not the center of the world and I’m not an attention seeker. Actually, even if I was, I would have wished not to be. I do not pursue fame or recognition.

10704157_10152371257434562_6708527013758536328_nMore than 2 years ago, I have joined the humanitarian sector, believing in change and believing in humanity and in the humanitarian principles. I have joined believing that this sector makes a real difference even if it is about small acts – a butterfly effect. I know that many people working in the humanitarian sector will relate to this. Working in this field is a constant fight between good and evil. Two types of people usually join this sector (don’t take it as a general rule but this is what I have learned): the real believers in humanity and in serving others and the ones taking advantage of the weaknesses of others for their own personal benefits. I have also learned that even if lies are spread and pretentious people use the weaknesses of others to rise, there will come a day when the truth will prevail and appear. People might be in need and poor but they are not stupid.

I know that I did a lot of good in my life – under several aspects – despite the times where I had to question myself if I was a good person or not based on the struggles I was pushed to endure and the toxic people who tried to put me down. I have never asked for anything in exchange. When I offer my hand to someone, I never look at them in the eyes. I never ask for a thank you. I am not sure why.

img_20161210_122721By the end of this toxic year, I will remain thankful despite how bad I have been treated because I know there are good people around to treat me better. I am thankful for having those people around. I am also thankful for the clear mind and clean hands. I am thankful for the angels that pass by my life to strengthen my faith. I will still see the good in people. I will still see the beauty. I will still believe in kindness despite the temptation to hurt toxic people the way they hurt me or hurt weak people. I know that I am capable of hurting them but I am strong enough to not let myself go with bad intentions and emotions. I will empower the weak ones when I can. I will remain a shoulder to cry on for people in pain. I will keep trying my best and work on giving a decent life for the ones living in the worst conditions and I will succeed. I will keep moving forward even when I can’t even walk. I will turn my back even if stabbed and walk away when I’m hurt; not because I’m weak but because sometimes letting go is better and less harmful than holding on. I will not forget myself. I will take care of myself. I have tried to fix a lot of people until I have learned that people need to pick themselves up and fix themselves and that I also need to fix myself too. I am a humanitarian and will always believe in the power of good.

Cheers for a better year. Cheers for peace, cheers for the end of bloodshed and end of violence, cheers for a better humanity, for a better environment, for more laughter and good times, cheers for innocent people, for innocent lives, cheers for truthful humanitarian workers!


Dina Hajjar

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  1. When a person becomes aware and wise, her mind moves beyond mere self interest and cravings. She start thinking about people from a humanitarian perspective, rather than being criticizing and attacking. She see’s their behavior driven by pressures derived from their own primitive minds which it is extremely hard for them to tell us about because of the not perfect human condition. Their temper seem a symptom of hurt rather than evil. It takes a lot of wisdom and learning to develop this ability to explain others actions by their distress rather than simply in terms of how it affects us. The right response to humanity is not fear or cynicism, or aggression, but always love. I applaud you Dina for two noble qualities I see in you, first being selfless and putting others before yourself. Secondly, for your empathy that seems like it took a lot of hard work to build. I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors and hope people share your empathy and love to make this world a better place.

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