The introverted moon… – Dina Hajjar

Let me tell you the story of the moon…

the-moon-2The moon is made of rocks and iron yet her core is still molten. She is a volcano yet she is not sure if it’s dead or sleeping.  She has her ups and downs, her crescent and full moon moments.

She might seem arrogant to some, because she is quiet and she shines and dances alone in the sound of silence. But she doesn’t know that. On the opposite, she actually feels abandoned and only sees darkness around her and the wounds of years and years of struggles with the unexpected meteors. She is full of scars yet shines the brightest and hides her wounds behind a muted smile.

She might seem mysterious yet she is simple and clear. She has no secrets. Actually if she is silent and part of her is always hidden, it is because she is shy. She does not have any obscure thoughts and does not seek revenge when attacked & hurt by the meteors. She simply takes the pain, suffers in silence and looks back to the stars and prays to have the strength to carry on.

moon-quote-1She is small, really small which makes her feel useless wondering what she is doing here. She is not allowed to be a star or a planet. She feels out of place in the universe. But she really has no idea of her real powers in the cosmos. She has no clue that she is capable of changing all rules of gravity and hiding the light in less than a second. She has no clue that she is capable of changing the universe and life.

96b22cf721ddf99fd0d290a88709a204She sacrifices everyday: she dies every dawn to let the sun shine in and live. But she is faithful and shows back night after night.  She likes the silence of the nights, despite the far away echoes of the loud stars making fun of her for being different and isolated. But that never affected her. As a matter of fact, she genuinely likes the stars and their harmony and prays for another day to see their light because she enjoys their sight that makes her dream, hope and wish. She would have loved to have had another moon who shares similar thoughts and silence. She might have talked if another moon was there.

moonShe listens in silence to the pain, tears, romances, smiles, waves etc. She doesn’t ask. She simply listens without a word, a sign, a reaction in an inexplicable way. She knows all the secrets, the dark and the light moments. Unlike the sun, she cannot see the bodies, yet she can see the souls, the heart of the souls, the truth of the souls, the innocence of the souls. And the pure souls love her. They know that behind that rock and hard surface, she is soft and tender.

This is the moon. Quiet yet powerful, hard yet soft, hurt yet she shines, she knows all secrets yet remains silent, she comforts the pain yet she’s in pain. The moon is an introvert and will always shine the brightest when no one is around, in the deep silence of the cold nights.

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